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Tain Amateur Swimming is based in Tain about 35 miles north of the capital of the Highlands, the City of Inverness.

Tain ASC is a competitive swimming club, which encourages youngsters to participate in the sport of swimming, for enjoyment and fitness, whilst continually developing their technique and competitive spirit.

The club is a member of the Highland Swim Team and at present has 3 swimmers in the national squad and 4  in the development squads.

We train from 3.50pm-5.50pm Monday to Friday during term time at Tain Royal Academy Pool.

There are around 55 members throughout our three squads – Bronze / Silver / Gold

The transition through the squads is dependant on ability rather than age.


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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Tain swim club,
    Just a quick letter to thank you for allowing William to train with your team this summer while we visited grandparents in Rogart. He had a blast and very much enjoyed meeting your coach Rhona Gordon and her students. She was just fabulous with him and while we had some interesting translation problems the first week..he really had a chance to be exposed to good clear coaching advice from a different culture that makes swimming so international. I had to laugh when I overheard coach Rhona telling him the same thing our Croatian Olympic coach has been telling him about his turns! Not that I expected Tain to be less professional but I must admit to some concerns about him swimming with someone new and I found her straight forward positive manner with him very professional and clear to understand coming from a big ten American university coaching environment. You must be so relieved to have such a straight shooter in charge of your team. She was very good with unruly teenager boy who thinks he knows it all! She was also up to date on techniques from Coach Steele, one of our heros. It was so great to have access to a pool and swim club on holiday.
    Thank you again. Your swimmers and staff were so helpful and it was great. Let us invite you to visit us in Iowa City sometime.

    Kassia ( mum) and will( boy) Scott,
    Ifly swim club
    Iowa city
    Iowa, USA.

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